Preparing for the Future: A Regional Workforce Development Initiative

What is Preparing for the Future?

The Preparing for the Future: A Regional Workforce Development Initiative is aimed at ensuring the Baltimore region has a skilled pipeline of future workers who can fill jobs that provide a family supporting wage in four growth sectors: Information Technology/Cyber, Healthcare, Construction and Business Services. A diverse 74-member subcommittee was convened and reviewed each of the observations and over 65 recommendations noted in the Preparing for the Future study report from 2020. The result is a comprehensive strategy that works to address all of the recommendations including a number of issues in the current workforce system related to barriers, equity and inclusion, advocacy, employer responsibility and education.

A network of volunteers has begun to initiate plans and begin execution for the 4-component strategy. The projects require a variety of skills, expertise and abilities so additional volunteers are always welcome. Specific needs include subject matter experts for each industry sector, employer participants to ensure their needs and perspectives continue to be represented in the execution process, administrative support to format and research content, technical and marketing skills for website development, and anyone interested in contributing to the development of a strong workforce pipeline.

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Strategic Priorities to Improve Workforce Development in the Greater Baltimore Region

A resource aggregator that will create an easy flowing user experience guiding employer and employee representatives to the regional resources that best meet their needs. Included on the website tool will be Stakeholder Action Plans & Resource Guides that include the best practices and resource suggestions from the subcommittee network.
GBC’s commitment to implementing intentional efforts to expand regional employer awareness of the challenges, the resources, and the solutions to develop a strong workforce pipeline in the region.


Development and execution of a campaign to promote the regions’ apprenticeship programs, inspire new non-traditional apprenticeship programs and combat the myths about the process and burden while highlighting the available funding in support of the training and hiring.
Expanding the GBC’s advocacy efforts to intentionally inform the business community of the policies and programs specifically impacting the workforce pipeline and encourage action to strengthen or reform them as appropriate.


Preparing for the Future: A Regional Workforce Development Initiative
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